Principal's Desk

Honorable Principal : Muhammad Furqan Gaur

M.A ( English ) M.A ( Urdu ) B.ed L.L.B
Dear Parents,

It is a wonderful feeling to reach you through this website which will provide useful information about Jamia – Al – Hidaya International School and projects of Maulana Madani Educational & Welfare Society. It is perfectly legitimate for caring parents to desire that their children get the best education and training while being routed to their heritage and culture. Every teacher of our School has been groomed to be passionate about his/her responsibilities. A team of highly qualified teachers train the children to develop innovative ideas and independent problem solving skills. Our teachers are updated through regular workshop/orientation programmes for latest pedagogical advances. But in spite of all our efforts, nothing can be achieved unless parents and school work in tandem with each other, reinforce the same values, and give the same messages to the child. It is the fond hope of this school that this school and you will be able to forge a strong relationship, and that together we will help your child achieve what the school sets out as our goal i.e. “Education, Quality and Development”.


Muhammad Furqan Gaur​
( Principal )
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